MGCY Response to Post 2015 Elements Paper on Declaration

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United Nations Major Group Children & Youth

Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda Declaration Session, February 17th-20th 2015
  •  A collective vision of the road to 2030:
    • ○  The declaration should clearly state the need to leave behind the concept of blind growth and remain within planetary boundaries, while recognizing climate change and its adverse affects on all dimensions of sustainable development.
    • ○  It should make clear that the agenda, its implementation, and its accountability mechanisms must be firmly grounded in human rights, gender equality, and the principle that people of all ages and abilities, everywhere, matter equally. ●  What we must do to get there:
      • ○  A bold and forward-looking agenda must build on existing human rights commitments.
      • ○  Explicit reference must be made to age-related instruments such as the World Programme of Action for Youth, which should be recognised as a tool for implementation of the post-2015 agenda.
      • ○  Robust, measurable, and innovative indicators will…

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